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Call for Competition Domains

If you would like to design a domain for the competition please contact either Ángel García Olaya (preferences track) or Carlos Linares López (sequential and temporal tracks) with the following information:

While not necessary, it is also desirable for the domains to be related to real applications. Only one entry per participating team will be allowed. The organizers will consider all submissions and select the highest quality subset to be included. The organizers are aware that participants that submit a domain that is used have some advantage with respect to performance on that domain. We view this as a good incentive for teams to submit high quality proposals.

Please, keep in mind that the current deadline for the Call for Domains is next November, 15, 2011.

Domain Form

When submitting a new domain, please fulfill the following domain form:

(1) Name and email address of the contact person

(2) Brief description of domain and problems

(3) Comments about the ability to easily scale problem difficulty

(4) Comments about why the domain is particularly interesting for the deterministic track

Note that item 4) is particularly important since there are likely domain features that are interesting that have not been considered in previous competitions.

When possible, it would be good to provide bibliographical references discussing the domains suggested.

Examples of Competition Domains

A selection of past IPC 2008 domains and problems can be found here.

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