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The Software of the Seventh International Planning Competition

All the software developed during the IPC 2011 is made available here along with the documentation. The purpose is twofold: on one hand, to contribute to the body of work produced in the Sixth International Planning Competition by Malte Helmert with the hope that it will be useful for the organizers of future competitions; also, to provide automated tools to the community for running their own experiments and inspect the data produced in this Competition.

The software is publicly available from the following svn repository:

Access is granted to everyone for checking out.

Please, note that the validation/reporting tools included in this software use VAL 4.2.09 from the Strathclyde Planning Group. Our own copy of this version can be downloaded from here.

The documentation is available in two formats:

Both the software and the documentation are distributed under the GNU Public License version 3.

For any enquiries regarding the software please contact <carlos DOT linares AT uc3m DOT es>

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