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Submitting your paper

This page explains how to submit the papers to us. Please pay close attention to this: due to the large number of participants, we will require that the rules on this page are strictly followed.

Bear in mind that the main goal of these papers is just to disseminate relevant information about every planner entering the competition. By no means it is intended to compromise the novelty of your work so that your paper could not be accepted in other venues/journals. Recommendations about the content and organization of the paper are: avoid discussing the current state of the art or making a large introduction. Instead, go straight to the description of your planner. However, at some points providing high-level definitions might suffice. Avoid referring other long papers that could not be easily understood by people outside the planning community and profit from this opportunity to discuss additional details that would not be so easily publishable at other venues/journals. Finally, it might be good also to include a short experimental section highlighting the performance of your planner, in case you find it valuable.

We remind you that the paper submission deadline is March 14th 2011. We want also to remark that sending the paper is a requisite to participate in the IPC. We follow the ICAPS rules regarding time zones: your submission is in time as long as there is some time zone in which it is still March 14th. In other words, the deadline is 11:59 PM UTC-12 (Howland island local time). The deadline is strict. No extensions will be granted.

Papers must be in AAAI format. Paper submission is in PDF only. Refer to the AAAI web site for detailed formatting instructions. While most papers are expected to have between 2 and 8 pages, there is no imposed limit on the extension. If papers get too short/long then they will be discussed in a case-by-case basis.

Sending your paper

Please send your PDF in an email either to Carlos Linares López <carlos.linares AT uc3m DOT es>, Angel García Olaya <agolaya AT inf DOT uc3m DOT es> or Sergio Jiménez <sjimenez AT inf DOT uc3m DOT es>

Please specify in the email's subject the track your planner participates into and the name of your planner. For example if you submitted a planner named "fooplanner" to the Temporal Satisficing track, the subject of your email should be "Temporal Satisficing - fooplanner".

If you submitted different versions of the same planner for different tracks, you can choose either to submit a joint paper for all versions or a paper for each version, or even a mix of both. Please let us know that in the body of your email.

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