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Temporal Satisficing track

This track concerns temporal planning with metric constraints (e.g. resource constraints). Apart from solving the problems within reasonable time, the goal of this track is to find short plans in terms of their makespan.

Core features are those that will appear in most (if not all) of the domains. So, in order for a planner to have chances to win this track of the competition, all the core features must be supported. However, there will exist some domains that do not require all the core features. A clustering of the domains of this track, together with the fraction of each class in the track, is provided below. The performance of all planners will be assessed in all domains they can run (the details of the evaluation schema will be announced on January 31st).

Optional features concern alternative but equivalent versions of each domain. These features will be used only in cases where they facilitate domain modelling. When several alternative versions of a domain are supported by a planner, it is scored on the version on which it performs best.

Classes of the domains for the Temporal Satisficing track

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