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1. Description

The 7th International Planning Competition, IPC-2011 for short, has been organized in the context of International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS). IPC-2011 and its organization is split into three parts: the deterministic part, that considers fully deterministic and observable planning (previously also called "classical" planning), the planning and learning part, where planners exploit domain-specific knowledge that has been automatically extracted during an offline learning period and the uncertainty part.

The objectives of the competition are to provide a forum for empirical comparison of planning systems, to highlight challenges to the community in the form of problems at the edge of current capabilities, to propose new directions for research and to provide a core of common benchmark problems and a representation formalism that can aid in the comparison and evaluation of planning systems. Although the series has a competitive style (individual systems are identified for exceptional performance at the event itself), the focus is on data-collection and presentation, with interpretation of results being understated. The real goal of the competition is to make as much data as possible available to the community.


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