PLANNING & LEARNING RESEARCH GROUP logoplg Universidad Carlos III de Madrid



Study Program

  1. Introduction
    1. Components of a program: data and algorithms
    2. Brief introduction to the history of programming: from binary code to component oriented programming
    3. Compilation vs. Interpretation
    4. Programming paradigms: imperative, logical and functional programming
    5. Introduction to Java
  2. Data and operators
    1. Basic data types
    2. Variables and constants
    3. Operators
    5. Arrays
    6. Creation of new data types: enumerates and objects
  3. Flow control: conditionals and loops
  4. Utility classes: Scanner, String and Math
  5. Code reuse: methods
  6. Objects and methods
  7. Algorithms
    1. Introduction to computational complexity
    2. Search (lineal and binary)
    3. Insertion
    4. Sorting (bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort)


Bachelor's Degree: Computer Science and Engineering (Plan 2008) Field: Engineering (Colmenarejo) Field: Engineering (Leganés)

Bachelor's Degree: Computer Science and Engineering (Plan 2011) Field: Engineering (Colmenarejo) Field: Engineering (Leganés)