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Alba Gracera
Alba Gragera Álvarez

PhD student in Computer Science

Despacho: 2.1.B16 / +(34) 91 624 59 81


I'm a PhD student of the Computer Science Department of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), where I also collaborate as a teaching assistant. I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the same university in 2018. After that, I continued my studies at the UC3M in a Master in Computer Science and Technology, when I began to collaborate in the Planning and Learning Group. I started my research on applying Automated Planning to Social Autonomous Robotics, using classical planning dealing with the real world uncertainty. Developing such kind of models through AP is a time-consuming and challenging task, so currently my thesis research is focused on how to develop AP tasks effortlessly, even for non-experts in AP. My most recent work deals with the reparation of incomplete planning models when the current task is unsolvable due to a lack of information in the definition of the actions.