GLASS Project

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia | Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Goal-management for Long-term Autonomy in Smart citieS

The main objective of the project is to analyze the problem of goal management for long-term autonomous systems, design appropriate algorithms for addressing the different components of goal management, and develop software tools that help on the application of this technology to Smart Cities tasks. The long-term goal of fully autonomous systems is a highly ambitious objective for many fields, including Artificial Intelligence or Robotics. Thus, we focus on one of the aspects that has been less explored in the literature, but with a big impact on the overall objective of long-term autonomy: automatic goal management.

We will work on technical challenges as: representation formalisms of goals, techniques for dynamic generation of goals, goal management strategies, problem solving in the context of goal management, and development of three proof-of-concept prototypes. These prototypes will be based on our previous work and are related to three Smart Cities topics:

1. Traffic control via automated planning.

We will base our work on our previous work in the context of the ARTS-COST project. This work resulted in a system that was the co-winner of the ARTS-COST competition on: Increasing the Resilience of Road Traffic Support Systems by the Use of Autonomics. Example videos:

Without Automated Planning

Using Automated Planning

2. Tourism

Use of automated planning for generating touristic plans. This work will be based on previous projects as SAMAP (paper) or OnDroad

3. Multi-modal transport planning

It will be based on our previous work on multi-modal transportation planning as in the project TIMI (paper)




PLG Group

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spanish Ministry of Economy).