Tomás de la Rosa Turbides
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This software is just to simplify daily research labor of imagining SAS graphs when looking for some insight. Many times I find myself drawing them in a piece of paper, so I decided to create them automatically from the Fast-Downward outputs.
Download SAS2Graph
Sayphi is an automated planner built with the aim of integrating various machine learning techniques applied to planning. Actually Sayphi has a forward search planner like FF including many search algorithms.  It also includes four learning sub-systems, all of them competitor in the first learning track of the International Planning Competition (IPC).
  • SAYPHI :  Source code of the planner, ROLLER and CABALA systems.
  • SAYPHI-EXE 64 :  64bits Binary and script files for running the planner.
  • SAYPHI-EXE 32 :  32bits Binary and script files for running the planner.
  • ROLLER 64bits :  64bits Binary and scripts files for running ROLLER.