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Artificial Intelligence

This course is taught only by this group.


Study Program

  1. An Introduction of AI
  2. Representation I. Introduction
  3. Representation II. Production Systems
  4. Search I. Introduction 
  5. Search II. Blind
  6. Search III. Heuristic2
  7. Reasoning under Uncertainty I. Introduction.
  8. Reasoning under Uncertainty II. Bayesian Inference.
  9. Reasoning under Uncertainty III. Bayesian Networks.
  10. Reasoning under Uncertainty IV. Markov Models.
  11. Reasoning under Uncertainty V. Fuzzy Logic I.
  12. Reasoning under Uncertainty VI. Fuzzy Logic II.
  13. Applied Artificial Intelligence I
  14. Applied Artificial Intelligence II


Bachelor's Degree: Computer Science and Engineering (Plan 2008) Field: Engineering. (Colmenarejo) Field: Engineering. (Leganés)

Bachelor's Degree: Computer Science and Engineering (Plan 2011) Field: Engineering. (Colmenarejo) Field: Engineering. (Leganés)