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Current Projects




  • Financing: This project is granted by the Spanish Goverment (MINECO. RTC-2016-5407-4) in collaboration with Goal Systems

    financiacion proyecto financiacion proyecto

  • Description: Sistema de Planificación Inteligente del Transporte Colectivo con Generación Optimizada de Rutas
  • Contributors: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (PLG), Goal System
LifeBots (2016)



  • Financing: This project is granted by the Spanish Goverment (MINECO) and FEDER,UE funds financiacion proyecto
  • Description: Smart homes, when applied to elder people, can be considered as residential houses equipped with sensors and automated devices whose goal is to deliver care and monitoring of the people living in them. Such assistance must be defined in the long-term, and it must attempt to balance the immediate specific needs of the user with the long-term effects that the robot’s and assistance technologies can potentially have on the user’s developmental trajectory. The LifeBots project will investigate the use of lifelong technologies as a key resource to adapt to new goals, user’s preferences or environmental issues that require a tailoring of current assistive settings.
  • Contributors: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (PLG), Universidad de Extremadura (Robolab), Universidad de Málaga (ISIS), Universidad de Jaén (M2P), Universidad de Castilla La Mancha (SIMD)



  • Financing: This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 601116
  • Description: The project is focus on robotized Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. In particular, it focuses on the development of CLARC, a mobile robot able to receive the patient and his family, accompany them to the medical consulting room and, once there, help the physician to capture and manage their data during the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) procedures.
  • Contributors: Universidad de Málaga (UMA), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Metralabs Mobile Robots, Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT), Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS)
GLASS (2016)



  • Financing: --

    financiacion proyecto

  • Description: The main objective of the project is to analyze the problem of goal management for long-term autonomous systems, design appropriate algorithms for addressing the different components of goal management, and develop software tools that help on the application of this technology to Smart Cities tasks. The long-term goal of fully autonomous systems is a highly ambitious objective for many fields, including Artificial Intelligence or Robotics. Thus, we focus on one of the aspects that has been less explored in the literature, but with a big impact on the overall objective of long-term autonomy: automatic goal management.
  • Contributors: GPRS AI Group Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Former Projects

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Therapist (2013)



  • Project number: TIN2012-38079
  • Description: The objective of this proposal is the development of THERAPIST, a socially interactive robot for neuro-rehabilitation assistance
  • Financing: MICINN (Spanish Department for Science)
  • Contributors: Robolab Universidad de Extremadura, ISIS Universidad de Málaga, Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío, M2P Universidad de Jaén, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Planinteraction (2012)

logo planinteraction

  • Project number: TIN2011-27652-C03-02
  • Description: Multi-agent interaction for planning
  • Financing: MICINN (Spanish Department for Science)
  • Contributors: Universidad de Granada (UGR), and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) on the development of multi-agent planning systems
Adapta (2013)

  • Description: The main objective of this project is to develop and integrate technological solutions in order to implement new forms of customization and interaction in the field of digital content. It aims to develop innovative mechanisms for user-advertisement interaction. In this sense, one of the goals, where the group PLG is working at present, is the human-robot interaction.
  • Financing: --
  • Contributors: INDRA Sistemas, INDRA Software Labs, Universidad de Málaga, Universidad de Cáceres, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Space Situational Awareness (2011)

Space Situational Awareness

  • Description: DC-II Prototype Tasking & Data Centers WP 2. Sensor Planning Services. On the development of a tool for planning sensors observations.
  • Financing:ESA
  • Contributors: GMV
LinkEbook (2011)



  • Project number: TSI-090100-2011-33
  • Description: Publishing Technology Platform, Disclosure and e-Book Distribution to Promote Reading and Literary Creation in Castilian through Social Networks..
  • Financing: --
  • Contributors: Digimate Computer S.L. and Lakotel Soluciones S.L.L.
Ondroad (2011)



  • Project number: TSI-090302-2011-6
  • Description: Platform for Digital Content Management and Tourism Services for Travellers.
  • Financing: CDTI (Spanish Department for Technology Transfer)
  • Contributors: Ilitia Technologies Alsa Grupo, PRS Marketing Services and Mobail Apps
Software para la re-planificación conjunta de recursos en aerolíneas frente a incidencias (2010)

logo goal systems

  • Project number: IPT-370000-2010-008
  • Description: Research project on the development of a crew and airplanes re-planning tool
  • Financing: MICINN (Spanish Department for Science)
  • Contributors: Goal Systems
Simuladores Empresariales (2010)

Logo Simulador Empresarial


  • Description: Data Analysis and Learning autonomous behaviors for systems generation decision support in business simulator.
  • Financing: Simuladores Empresariales S.L. y proyecto de Investigación Fundamental Orientada a la Transmisión de Conocimiento a la Empresa (TRACE) del MICINN .
  • Contributors: -
AIRPP (2011)
  • Description: Robotics Instruction Learning by Policy and Planning
  • Financing: Comunidad de Madrid (regional government of Madrid)
  • Contributors: -
Math-Bridge (2009)

logo MathBridge


  • Project number: ECP-2008-EDU-428046
  • Description: Research project on Briding Courses for Mathematics.
  • Financing: -
  • Contributors: German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, University of Vienna, University of Saarland, Tampere University of Technology, Open Universiteit Nederlands, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Universität Kassel, Université Montpellier 2
PELEA (2009)

logo PELEA


  • Project number: TIN2008-06701-C03-03
  • Description: Planning Execution and Learning Architecture. The goal is to build a domain-independent architecture for planning, execution and learning in domains as robotics, or video games.
  • Financing: MICIIN
  • Contributors: Universidad de Granada and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.
CCI (2009)

logo CCI

  • Description: Our task consists on the use of Bayesian belief networks for cost estimation
  • Financing: ESA
  • Contributors: Coordinated by GMV and in collaboration with Skysoft
Ericsson: MOLE y AUKB (2009)

Logo Ericsson

  • Description: Research projects on the application of planning to data mining.
  • Financing:Ericsson
  • Contributors: -
RAPLAN (2009)
  • Description: Recognition based on Planning Activities. Research project on planning for activity recognition.
  • Financing: CAM (regional government of Madrid) and UC3M
  • Contributors:
TIMI (2008)

logo TIMI

  • Description: Our task consists on the development of planning technology for logistics applications.
  • Financing: CDTI
  • Contributors: Coordinated by Atos Origin and in collaboration with Acciona Transmediterránea
IPLA (2007)
  • Description: Research project on integration of planning and machine learning.
  • Financing: CAM (regional government of Madrid) and UC3M.
  • Contributors: -
MiPlan (2006)
  • Description: Joint Initiative for automatic task planning. Research project on mixed-initiative planning and machine learning.
  • Financing: CAM (regional government of Madrid) and UC3M
  • Contributors: -
Adaptaplan (2005)

logo adaptaplan


  • Description: Research on user-oriented adaptive planning systems applied to education
  • Financing: MEC (Spanish Department for Education)
  • Contributors: Universidad de Granada (UGR), de Valencia (UPV), de Educación a Distancia (UNED), de Girona, and de Castilla la Mancha
SAMAP (2002)

logo samap

  • Description: Research project on adaptive multi-agent planning systems context dependent.
  • Financing: MCyT (Spanish Department for Science and Technology)
  • Contributors: Universidad de Granada (UGR), de Valencia (UPV), de Educación a Distancia (UNED), and the IIIA institute of the Spanish Research Council (IIIA-CSIC)
PLANET II (2001)

logo planet

  • Description: ESPRIT research Network of Excellence on Planning
  • Financing:
  • Contributors:
Diseño automático de programas de control secuencial: aplicación al control de procesos térmicos en la industria láctea (1999)
  • Description: Automatic design of control programs for dairy industry
  • Financing:CICYT (Spanish Department for Research)
  • Contributors: Universidad de Granada, PULEVA, and ABB
SHAMASH (1999)

logo shamash

  • Description: This project that applies AI techniques to process modelling, simulation and optimization.
  • Financing:
  • Contributors:
Cost-282 (-)

logo KnowlEST

  • Description: The primary objective of the Action is to develop and implement computerized systems for extracting previously unknown, non-trivial, and potentially useful knowledge from structurally complex, high-volume, distributed, and fast-changing scientific and R&D databases within the context of current and newly developing global computing and data infrastructures such as the GRID.
  • Financing:-
  • Contributors: -

logo rnpst

  • Description: National Network Planning, Sequencing and Temporal Reasoning
  • Financing: -
  • Contributors: -
Red Nacional de AgenCities.ES (-)

logo AgenCities.ES

  • Description: Creating an innovative environment for communication of intelligent agents. National network of kind place in Agent Cities.
  • Financing:
  • Contributors: