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Master in Management and Knowledge Technology

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Data Mining

1ª - Semester 1 / Elective - 6 Credits

The vast amount of data that captures and manages each organization makes impossible a manual scan of the same by the decision makers.The field of "data mining" has emerged from the integration of techniques from different areas such as artificial intelligence (machine learning), the statistical, database, visualization of results, etc. The course objective is to understand and use the various techniques currently used by organizations to analyze the data. They also cover aspects of methodology to implement these solutions in the organization.

Intelligent Systems

4ª - Semester 1 / Elective - 6 Credits

Today's organizations regularly use software tools to optimize its business lines and its processes. Theory provides intelligent systems techniques, tools and methodologies to address the large solution of these tasks in an efficient manner. The objective of this course is to learn the main techniques from the field of artificial intelligence have been implemented long ago in the development of software solutions for tasks that involve representation of implicit and explicit knowledge of the organization and proper use to solve combinatorial problems.