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Jose Carlos Pulido Pascual

José Carlos Pulido Pascual

PhD Student

Office: 2.1.B16 / +(34) 91 624 59 81

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I received the bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) in 2013. I finished the bachelor's thesis at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) focused on Industrial Robotics and Computer vision. Afterwards, I continued my studies at the UC3M with the Master in Computer Science and Technology. I am currently a Ph.D. student focused on the development of Motor Rehabilitation Therapies based on Social Robotics into the NAOTherapist project, which recently won the third prize of the Santander Yuzz 2016 national entrepreneurship competition.

NAOTherapist: Autonomous Social Robotics for Rehabilitation. NAOTherapistYoutube NAOTherapistTwitter

Automated Planning & Robotics: It focuses on the development of Clarc, a mobile robot designed to assist geriatric patients during Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) procedures. These procedures consist of several tests heavily based on speech and physical postures. The robot guides the patient to perform the tests and gather clinical measures for the clinician. European research project FP7-ICT-601116.

Automated Planning & Robotics: Ursus is a humanoid robot with bear form which helps in neuro-rehabilitation therapies for children with cerebral palsy. The main goal of this project is to provide this robot with enough autonomy to supervise the exercises of each therapeutic session and improve its social interaction with the patients. Spanish research project TIN2012-38079.

Automated Planning & Robotics: A social robot called Gualzru has to attract people walking in a certain area of an airport or shopping center to show them an adapted promotion depending on detected characteristics of each person, like gender or age.